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11578Re: How to find proof?

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  • laz_e_pants
    Aug 1, 2004
      -this is old school so bare with me, catch a table spoon of juice,
      lite a match bring it up to it slow, 190 proof will have no trouble
      lighting, do that when you first start notice how long it burns, it
      should burn less and less as your day goes on. If you cant lite the
      spoon with at least three matches you can assume that it is under
      100 proof. If it will not lite in the spoon, spread it out on a flat
      plate, if it will not burn than it is less than 75 proof. if it
      lites than it is between 100-75 proof. good luck

      ps: notice if there is a yellow beard on the flame, if so that is a
      good sign of inpurities in your hooch. which also causes headaches.

      -- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "hoochmkr" <hoochmkr@y...>
      > I'm whipping up a batch of Apricot Cha-cha. Last year's batch
      > out pretty good, but I didn't know how to find out or calculate
      > proof it was when it came out of the still.
      > I'm using a 4 ft. redux column on top of a beer keg for
      > As the column heated it went through and put off about 1/4 cup of
      > initial liquid (pretty skanky stuff that I'm guessing was an
      > or maybe a bit of Methanol). As the top heated further, the
      > started to come out.
      > Taste was clean (although I think that I'll pass it through
      > this year) but I still have no idea what % alchol it was. How can
      > test for this?
      > 2nd question: I'm putting a thermometer at the top of the column
      > time around. What is the temperature corresponds to ethanol?
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