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1138Re: Column Packing

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  • css1@hotkey.net.au
    Sep 30, 2001
      --- In new_distillers@y..., hydrografix@y... wrote:
      > Hello All
      > Just new to the game and trying to figure out which is the better
      > column packing marble or SS pot scrubbers? Any info is greatly
      > appreciated.
      > Thanks in Advance
      > Bill

      Hi Bill and welcome,
      I tried marbles first in my 15ltr still that has a 2" tower
      and found that with marbles the tower would flood and there
      was a build up of liquid above the marbles that was not
      running back down the tower.I changed to scrubbers and this
      problem was fixed.The still now puts out about 92% average
      no problems.Hope this helps.
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