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11341Length of tubing in the condenser coil

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  • justin_dittmann
    Jun 23 5:09 PM
      Hi guys,
      I've appreciated reading all the info that you've places about
      here, it's been good reading, however I'm just after a bit of quick
      info, sorry if this has been asked before.

      I've been doing the rounds and reading as much as I can and
      searching over the archives, however I'd like a few opinions on the
      length of 1/4" copper tubing I'd need in my condenser. So far I
      haven't been able to gauge how long a length of 1/4" pipe to buy. As
      you know a coil (especially a double coil) takes up a deceptive
      amount of tubing so I'm looking for some comments as to the length
      of tubing to buy as I don't want to come up short with insufficient
      cooling capacity.

      I have collected all the parts to build a NS offset head still,
      using 2" of copper pipe in the column (1m) and condenser (whatever
      length I like as I haven't cut the pipe yet). My still will be
      powered by two elements, a 2400W and 2200W internal immersion
      element, one will be turned off after heat up (from what I can tell
      2200W is still quite a lot of power for running the still). The
      boiler is a 50L keg and is actually the hot liquor tank from my all
      grain brewery that I'm hoping can serve a dual purpose. If not I'll
      build a dedicated boiler with a more suitable power level.

      So what sort of length of 1/4" tubing can you estimate that I'd need
      to coil into a one or double coil condenser? I'm aware of the fact
      that the 2200W element means more cooling power required but as to
      the length of tubing to buy I have no idea. 3m, 5m, 7m??

      I'd appreciate any help on this. One more thing too, how grotty does
      the boiler become after a run? As I've never boiled a mash in it I'm
      unsure as to how dirty is all becomes because I don't want to taint
      the water in my HLT when I'm brewing beer.

      Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

      Cheers, Justin
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