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11338Re: Better yeast?

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  • yttrium_nitrate
    Jun 22, 2004
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      Well, I can somewhat answer your first question. The yeast that has
      the highest alcohol tolerance is one owned by the Samual Adams
      brewery. I believe it can tolerate up to around 26% ethanol.
      Unfortunately, I seriously doubt Sam Adams is willing to sell their yeast.

      > My last wash was 17% abv prior to distilling. The sg was below 990
      > but I had some burnt sugar smells post my run and the liquid looked
      > quite syrupy. I assume that my initial sugar levels were too high
      > and yeast may have died off. A few questions....
      > 1) What yeast (off the shelf and easy to get) has the highest
      > tolerance to ethanol regardless of time required to finish?
      > 2) Can I just pour the syrup from the still into another batch and
      > let it ferment again? (Topping up sugar levels if required, and
      > adding more yeast) ie reuse the liquid from last batch in place of
      > fresh water, carrying across unused sugars.
      > 3) Can I use two yeasts to increase ferment speed ie. a quick turbo
      > to knock off the bulk of the sugar and a high tolerance to finish?
      > Easy answer is probally to use less sugar, but was wondering...
      > thanx
      > peet
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