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11223Re: Success With Absinthe

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  • Peter Paddon
    Jun 6, 2004
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "the1foy" <the1foy@y...> wrote:
      > You might want to do a little more research on recipies. You
      > shouldn't be using nearly as much star anise (if any), and it seems
      > like an odd (and bad) idea to use it in the colouring step. It
      > would also be worth it to seek out the appropriate ingredients that
      > you didn't have.

      Well that would depend on my reasons for making it. I'm aiming to
      make an enjoyable drink that has the properties of the original,
      nothing more. I'm not trying to recreate an exact copy. As star anise
      was in the original recipe used by Pernod (the company, not the
      modern drink), both in the maceration and coloring stages, I don't
      see why I shouldn't use it - it is the essential oils from the star
      anise that are the primary cause of the precipitation when water is
      added. Plus I like the flavor of star anise...

      As I got the results I wanted from the ingredients I used, I have no
      reason to worry about the ones I didn't use - of course, I will
      certainly try them out at some point from curiosity, but as they are
      primarily of an anise-type flavor, they're not going to change the
      overall flavor that much.

      Just so you know, my end result was exactly what I wanted, a
      beautiful clear emerald green liquid that formed a milky 'louche'
      when water was drizzled through a sugar cube into it. It tasted
      exactly the way I wanted it to, and had all the effects I anticipated
      it to have. As I'm making this purely for my own pleasure, and I was
      very pleased, I consider it a total success, as do my friends who
      shared it with me.

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