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  • abbababbaccc
    May 1, 2004
      I've used it for stripping malt mashes and it achieves over 50% from
      8% mash. A Norwegian distiller who did this first reported well past
      70% results with ~18% mash. The principle is to circulate warm
      air/ethanol mixture through the bucket while a certain proportion is
      condensed and removed. The large pipe with scrubbers acts as a column
      and the small pipe is to return the cooled mixture back to the
      bucket. IMO it might act the opposite way, but the result is pretty
      good anyway. The big bonus is you can distill the entire mash in one
      go and get pretty good strength. As usual carbon filtration is
      recommended. When considering this mod vs. spiral still I'd recommend
      building a spirall still (much more potential, especially with

      Greetz, Riku

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "robotguy666"
      <robotguy666@y...> wrote:
      > hey how does your new amazing still mod work??
      > I am looking at the picture but i do not understand why you have a
      > bucket glued onto you lid. how does you new amazing still work?
      > thank you for the help
      > Mark
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