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10814Re: My First Sugar Wash/and other questions

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  • gatesbox
    Apr 2, 2004
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      Yes I think we may be talking about the same turbo. Liquor quick I
      think was the brand. Anyway, it did not settle even after an ample
      fermentation time (5 days) and I did not use a wine filter to filter
      the yeast. The "off" flavor has been almost eliminated but it has
      taken several runs as I said. I don't know how other clearing agents
      will work, but If I was going to use a turbo again I would filter the
      wash. I did use some charcoal but as per other strings in the group
      I have not built a very good filter yet. I am hoping the slight
      residual flavor/odor will be masked by essences and aging in oak.

      Honestly I don't know if I would advocate turbo yeast. As I have
      gained a bit more confidence in the distilling process producing a
      totally neuteral spirit seems somewhat less attractive than
      expirementing with whisky, schnapps, and other flavored spirits.
      This is also why I have become more content with my stove top pot
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