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10812Re: My First Sugar Wash/and other questions

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  • txbajabill
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "gatesbox" <gatesbox@y...>
      > Thanks, great explanation. I have been messing with my first
      > fermented turbo for quite some time and I still think that it has
      > some "off" odors after using the amazing still, then running
      through the same problem with residual turbo funkiness? <<SNIP>>

      I have a question for you regarding your "off" flavor and the turbo
      wash. Did use activated carbon on your distillate to polish out the
      odors? Another question I have regards the settling/fining of the
      finished ferment. With my next fermentation I was going to use
      straight sugar and turbo to see the difference. I noticed on the
      directions a comment that due to the particular strain of yeast in
      the turbo, filtering with a wine filter was necessary. It read that
      the yeast would not settle naturally, but remain in suspension. From
      what I've read, yeast in the boiler would contribute to "off" odors
      and tastes in the distillate.

      I'm wondering what the most efficient way of getting a clear wash
      after fermentation. I have bentonite to fine the wash, but am
      wondering if egg whites or some other clearing agent would be better
      before siphoning wash off the yeast cake.

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