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  • grayson_stewart66
    Feb 1, 2004
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      I'm an engineer also and was surprised to find the number of wooden
      pipes used in the early years. A few are seen at this link

      Most are round and vary rarely was there ever a wooden conduit
      formed in a "square". In a round structure the greatest stresses
      are usually on the inner most face - the primary area we want a good

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      > Yeah this is another very good point...but the aging of the timber
      > is also still very important
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      > The Engineer in me says this is one of the reasons why the barrels
      > are shaped the way they are...........the other being to
      > moving them (by rolling). You idea sounded good to me at the time
      > well, Tar. Boxes are easier that barrels to stack and easier to
      > If you look at the way a barrel is constructed, you'll notice it's
      > already pre-loaded (pre-warped) and held in that sprung condition
      > with the hoops. The staves are curved and beveled to force a
      > fit over a curving contour in two direction (up / down and
      > circumferentially). The hoops force this tight fit, and there
      > a straght piece in the whole bunch! Everything is force-wedged
      > together with nowhere to warp to.
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