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10125Re: Opinions? Thanks guys, I was thinking in feet, not meters.

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  • nanosleep
    Jan 5, 2004
      I'd go more than 3 feet, but less than 3 meters :P

      My column has a packed section that is a little more than 5 feet. The
      boiler + column + head is a few inches short of 8 feet (allows indoor
      operation in most places). The column is tall enough that it's not
      freestanding. I use one of those spring loaded shower curtain rods
      and a bit of string to tie the column to it. It works wonderfully.

      My first version of the still was about 2.5 feet of packed column. I
      was limited by a tall offset head and stovetop operation. This didn't
      seem to be quite long enough on the column. I'm now using a single
      reducer style head and water heater elements in the boiler.

      I'd recommend using the single reducer style head instead of the
      double. It's less parts, more compact, and just seems much better to me.

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "shinershane"
      <shinershane@y...> wrote:
      > So I did mean 3' seeming to be common height, Not 3 Meters.
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