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10123Re: [new_distillers] Problem Solving: Yeast

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  • Mark Little
    Jan 5, 2004
      Hi Adam, while I don't use that strain ( High Alc Turbos
      work very well for me, albeit at more expense ) I would
      recommend sticking nearer to the lowest recommended temp
      rather than the upper temp, especially if aiming for max
      alcohol content. 25C sounds good tho most wine yeast tend to
      top out around this temp. One thing I have noticed with a
      controlled cabinet is that the actual temp in the centre of
      the barrel can be quite different/hotter than the air temp
      inside the cabinet, is it possible to tape? the thermostat
      to the barrel and insulate to give a more accurate reading
      of barrel temp ( if its not already done). When working
      hard, as in an all sugar brew, yeast can generate quite a
      lot of heat ( especially with a good dose of nutrients as
      you have correctly used) and this can take a bit of
      controlling, warmer start/ambient temp = more heat added by
      yeast. As far as this particular brew goes maybe cut your
      losses and distil anyway, with so much unused sugar this
      will cause LOTS of foaming so keep the level inside the
      still low to prevent foam going anywhere it shouldn't. If
      you used a high sugar ratio you have probably used 1/2 to
      3/4 of the sugar and should still get 3 or 4 litres ???? of
      drinkable spirit.
      Good Luck

      Hi Mark,

      thanks for the advice. I just kept the fermenter within
      the fermentation
      temp listed on the site of the manufacturer. Most of the
      time it remained at
      about 25C.

      I have a temperature-controlled fridge I use for
      fermenting my beer which
      gives me control to +40C so if you give me the specific
      temperature I can
      match it! I love these gadgets.

      I did use the 'starter' technique as you mention below,
      however only got a
      bit of bubbling for the next few days before it slowed
      right down again.

      Any ideas on what length the fermentation period should be
      with this yeast?
      Do you use this specific strain?


      most wine yeast prefers around 20C ( there are
      >MANY exceptions but generally cooler is better). If the
      >brew gets too hot in the first few days the yeast is
      >weakened and then when the alcohol level gets up the
      >weak yeast can tend to give up and settle out. Try for a
      >COOL start temp and if necessary drop a few frozen PET
      >bottles into the bin as needed to help control the temp.
      >Theres a chance of restarting this batch by taking out a
      >litre, diluting said litre 50/50 with water and getting a
      >starter bottle going with fresh yeast then adding back
      >( a cooler ) main batch.


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