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10121Re: [new_distillers] Problem Solving: Yeast

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  • Mark Little
    Jan 5, 2004
      Hi Adam, I think you are right in the assumption that some
      of the yeast was killed in your letterbox and I presume if
      your letterbox was that hot then the fermenter also runs
      fairly hot, most wine yeast prefers around 20C ( there are
      MANY exceptions but generally cooler is better). If the
      brew gets too hot in the first few days the yeast is
      weakened and then when the alcohol level gets up the already
      weak yeast can tend to give up and settle out. Try for a
      COOL start temp and if necessary drop a few frozen PET
      bottles into the bin as needed to help control the temp.
      Theres a chance of restarting this batch by taking out a
      litre, diluting said litre 50/50 with water and getting a
      starter bottle going with fresh yeast then adding back to
      ( a cooler ) main batch.


      I'm trying to problem solve my use of EC1118 Yeast.

      Although I was successful in using a starter, and the
      fermentation certainly
      started, activity in the wash declined slowly over time
      before being almost

      Some people have mentioned the use of a yeast and fermaid
      K is enough to get
      to the magic 990 mark, however I haven't found that to be
      correct in my

      My wash was 25 litres with 6kg of sugar. I used fermaid K
      (50g) and EC1118
      (100g) and just pitched both together.

      After 2 weeks the specific gravity is 1050 so not much has

      One thing which may have contributed to the demise was
      that the yeast was
      left in my letterbox for almost an entire day around the
      38 degrees C mark.
      So maybe some of most of the yeast was killed (my poor
      babies) hence lack of

      Any suggestions or comments greatly appreciated.


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