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10084Re: New to brew, you?

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  • ray_goering
    Dec 31, 2003
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "waljaco" <waljaco@h...> wrote:
      > Note - some fruits do not have much flavor!
      > Fruit flavor -
      > use more fruit - up to all fruit.
      > distill between 75-60%abv.
      > steep fruit in 65%abv and then redistill - 2-4kg fruit/litre alc.,
      > then dilute to 40-45%abv.
      > If you throw away the first 3% (about 100ml for a 20l wash) you
      > eliminate methanol. Fusel alcohols have a BP higher than 92C.
      > Wal

      Thanks Wal,
      My concern is that, according to the charts I have, Propanol's
      (rubbing alcohol)BP is 82C. Is that safe to drink?

      I'm kinda confused as to the nature of the fusel oils. Some
      places say strip it out completely with carbon, others say its what
      flavors the brew. I've read the whiskey is both heads and tails. I
      thought the point was to ditch both because thay contained poison.
      For the most part what I figured out is to strip all the methenol I
      can out, and try to stop before I get too much fusels. Should I be
      testing my distillate on the family pets to see if its okay to drink?

      Let me get this stright, if I do a primary "stripping run" in a
      pot still configuration, dilute, and then reflux it, it will retain
      flavor? Won't it be still come out as neutral spirit with little to
      no taste? If I just made the high % distillate and then steeped it
      in fruit would that absorb flavor?

      I've read things that say as much, but I was hoping to get people
      who have actually done it.
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