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Re: Maximum Condensor Water Temp

I looked at the calendar to see if it was April the 1st....sorry, I can only imagine bikini tops and bottoms being suddenly sucked off and blocking the
Crazyhorse Pictures
4:29 PM

Maximum Condensor Water Temp

I use my swimming pool as water source for condenser cooling water. Circulating pump. Typically distill in the winter when water is in the 50-60 degree f
4:11 PM

Re: Vanishing Clouds

I say , let it settle . Unless you are in a hurry? Douglas French Caballeros, Inc./ Scorpion Mezcal sa de cv Oaxaca, Mexico Tel: 52-951-516-0654 Destileria:
Douglas French
Jul 1

Re: Vanishing Clouds

That leaves you with distill it again as your only remaining solution. Robert From: "Jerry McCullough jkmccull@... [new_distillers]"
Jul 1

Re: Vanishing Clouds

I used distilled water bought at Walmart to dilute the product. I found that it was cheaper to buy distilled water than it was to distill it myself. Unless
Jerry McCullough
Jul 1

File - Group-Policy.html

Distillers & new_distillers Policy Distillers & new_distillers Policy Introduction: Due to the ever-increasing worldwide activity in relation to spamming,
Jul 1

File - Welcome All new Members - and How to

Welcome all New Members, This site contains much information and a multitude of members with vast amounts of information. Please feel free to research and ask
Jul 1

Re: Vanishing Clouds

Could be terpenes, ou minerals in the water. Most probable terpenes, because it is wine from blackberries. The easy solution for both cases is to sediment in
Paulo Jurza
Jun 30

Re: Vanishing Clouds

Put it in the refrigerator, and then check for sediment after a week.  Still think that it's your water though, but we have to eliminate fusels first. Robert
Jun 30

Re: Vanishing Clouds

No visible sediment.at bottom of jugs. Jerry McCullough On Saturday, June 27, 2015 3:29 PM, "Crazyhorse Pictures zl1fox@... [new_distillers]"
Jerry McCullough
Jun 30

Re: Vanishing Clouds

sediment on the bottom? From: "jkmccull@... [new_distillers]" To: new_distillers@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, June 28,
Crazyhorse Pictures
Jun 27

Re: Vanishing Clouds

I've been lucky with cloudiness.in that I have never had that problem.  Of course I never wasted my time on distilling wine or re-distilling brandy.  If it
Jun 27

Vanishing Clouds

Last fall/winter I distilled blackberry brandy from blackberry wine. Using distilled water I diluted the crystal clear 80% alcohol product to 50%. The product
Jun 27

Cloudy alcohol

I just distilled some bad syrah wine and the first batch came out clear but turned cloudy (about 40% alcohol). the 2nd batch stayed clear (about 60% alcohol).
Jun 26

Re: Bourbon via UJSSM method

So the answer to my question is that the mash percentage is calculated based on weight. Yeah, the maths are easy. Thanks. ... #2) This is a simple math
Jun 5
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