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RES: AI-GEOSTATS: Update software glitches

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  • nicolau.barros@mrn.com.br
    Is there any specific reason for you to use GeoEas for cross-validation? I have no experience with your kind of problem, but I d say try using GSLIB for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2003
      Is there any specific reason for you to use GeoEas for cross-validation? I
      have no experience with your kind of problem, but I'd say try using GSLIB
      for cross-validation.

      Good luck.

      Nicolau Barros
      Mine Planning and Production Control Department
      Mineração Rio do Norte S.A.
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      De: Ruben Roa [mailto:rroa@...]
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      Assunto: AI-GEOSTATS: Update software glitches

      Thanks to Pierre, Chris, Donald, Vassily and Tom for their suggestions in
      my problem with GeoEas data files under W-XP. Saving the data file in
      GeoEas format from Excel as formatted text space-delimited (*.prn)
      (Pierre's suggestion) did allow to read and work the data in Variowin 2.21,
      but alas! i'm still having problems reading the same file with GeoEas.
      GeoEas keeps reporting Error in the headers section. When i try to make
      GeoEas read its own example data file, it reports the same Error in headers
      section problem. I checked the headers with Textpad and there is nothing
      strange there. But i am getting closer. I can do variography again with
      Variowin. Now i need to fix GeoEas bug to do cross-validation. Perhaps
      shutting down Windows and working in DOS ...

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