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AI-GEOSTATS: answers to gaussian model

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  • Carolina Garcia Imhof
    Hi everybody, Thanks for your answers. I had seen the similarity between the formulas, but I thought there could have been more to it than just similarity.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2002
      Hi everybody,
      Thanks for your answers. I had seen the similarity between the formulas,
      but I thought there could have been more to it than just similarity. Here is
      a summary of all responses.
      Cheers, Carolina

      > I have a question which is not directly related to geostatistical
      > What is the relationship between the gaussian model
      > used in geostatistics and the "classical" gaussian function or
      > distribution,
      > or how it came to be known as a gaussian model?

      A partial answer to your question is simply that the functional form of
      the gaussian variogram is the
      same as the functional form for the probability density function for a
      gaussian random variable.

      Donald E. Myers


      The gaussian semi-variogram model is so-called because
      the formula is basically identical to that for the
      Normal (or gaussian) probability distribution.

      There is no other necessary link with the Normal

      Isobel (Clark)


      yes ..... the Gaussian model ..... a misnoma really: it should be
      clear where the term comes from - just look at the functional form: it
      is identical to the functional form of a Gaussian. I always call this
      model the squared exponential covariance function (since there is
      nothing 'Gaussian' about it other than the form) - and by the way if you
      think in a processed based way this is a terrible variogram to use,
      unless you believe the field you are dealing with is really infinitely
      smooth (differentiable).



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      Gaussian distribution or normal distribution has a multiple of exp(-x^2)
      as its probability density function. Gaussian variogram has similar term
      in its definition.

      Hope this help.


      Hola Carolina:

      La ecuación del variograma gaussiano es g(h)=C(1-exp(-(h/a)^2)
      el nombre gaussiano es un muy mal nombre y solo corresponde a la
      entre esta función y el modelo normal.


      Carolina Garcia Imhof
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