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Re: AI-GEOSTATS: block kriging, routines that do this, especially any in Splus or Arch-info

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Well, the unreliable AI-GEOSTATS web site (see www.ai-geostats.org) would give you, as a result to a search with the keywords block AND kriging a list of
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2002
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      Well, the "unreliable AI-GEOSTATS" web site (see
      www.ai-geostats.org) would
      give you, as a result to a search with the keywords
      "block AND kriging" a list of almost 20 software (many
      freeware) doing block kriging.

      Unfortunately, the links shown in the results pointing
      to the software are not working at the moment
      (therefore the adjective "unreliable"...).
      Consequently, you will have to go back to the main
      page of the software web page and check the alphabetic
      list of all the software I have described.

      The S+Spatial stats module has block kriging
      (www.splus.com) and is easy to combine with Arc/Info
      (if you are willing to pay for it).

      Writing an AML to export/import your data to free
      tools like Gstat,GSLIB, UNCERT, etc... (they almost
      all have the same input & output formats) is certainly
      the cheapest solution and is also quite easy to do.
      Moreover, you would have in such a way a very large
      choice of geostatistical functions (larger than a
      those proposed by a single commercial package) that
      could be applied to your data.

      I did send a few years ago to a few people on this
      list (don't remember who unfortunately) an AML code to
      bridge Arc/Info with the Unix version of Geoeas (also
      easy to use if you don't have too much input data). I
      have not kept the AML code but with a bit of luck
      someone reading this message will remember about the
      code and send it to you.

      Hope this helps a bit,


      --- Chris Howden <chowden@...> wrote:
      > G'day all,
      > I'm relatively new to this list so if I'm asking a
      > question that has
      > been recently considered sorry about that. I
      > couldn't see any reference
      > to an archive on the web site so I haven't been
      > through that if there is
      > one.
      > Basically I'd like to know if theres any free-ware
      > block kriging
      > routines. I've been using Arc-Info as my GIS but as
      > we don't have the
      > spatial modelling module I need some additional
      > software. If theres any
      > routines that are compatible with Arc-info that
      > would be great. Failing
      > that some in Splus would be a close second. Failing
      > that anything will
      > do.
      > For those that are interested I've included a brief
      > statement on what
      > I'm doing with the block kriging. If anyone has any
      > comments on the
      > method we're following these would be cheerfully,
      > and gratefully,
      > considered.
      > I'm involved in a project that is attempting to
      > develop a map of past
      > tree density. The idea being that this will assist
      > in developing
      > effective natural resource plans in NSW Australia.
      > We're also going to
      > construct a current tree density map for comparison.
      > We've using data from the original surveys used to
      > carve up Australia by
      > the Europeans. Bascially we've got the distance from
      > each fence
      > cornerpost to the nearest tree, and we've used this
      > to estimate the tree
      > density at that 'point' . So we've got
      > geostatistical data with a series
      > of 'points' estimating density. We don't want to do
      > ordinary kriging
      > since theres some issues with the density estimate
      > (we can't really have
      > a point estimate of density, density requires size).
      > Also, some of the
      > trees are so close to the corner post that the
      > density estimate is way
      > way way to big.
      > So we decided that block kriging would be a great
      > way to 'average' this
      > problem out.
      > Thankyou all for your help.
      > Christopher G Howden
      > Statistical Ecologist
      > (Work) 02 9895 7130
      > (Fax) 02 9895 7867
      > (Mob) 0410 689 945

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