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AI-GEOSTATS: Another WinGslib questions

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  • Pablo Vazquez
    Last week I joined the list and I sent a message with a Word Document attached named A Gslib consult . I want to apologize because I didn t know that there
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2001
      Last week I joined the list and I sent a message with a Word Document attached named "A Gslib consult". I want to apologize because I didn't know that there had been problems with Word attached files; for the futute I'll try not to use the attachment if it is not necessary. I also want to thank the members of this mailing list that answered my questions quickly, and I have some other questions to ask to them:

      * I applied the different kriging techniques with the samples files that brings the GSLIB book written by
      C. V. Deutsch and A. G. Journel, and it says that I should analyze the kriging weight, the kriging
      estimate and the kriging variance applied to each datum. In the ".out" file appears the kriging estimate
      and variance but there is no trace of the kriging weights. I try to find them in the debug files (.dbg) by
      editing the with the Notepad, but I didn't have any success. My question is where I could find this
      information in the WinGslib 1.3 version that I have.

      * If I perform a geostatistic oil reservoir characterization with well log information by stochastic
      simulation (previously obtaining the experimental variograms); what would be the prediction distance
      range of this study? Is it related with the variogram range?

      * What kind of information could I obtain from the variogram sill? If I perform a 3-D study, do the vertical
      and horizontal variogram sills have to be equal?

      Best regards.

      Pablo Vázquez

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