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AI-GEOSTATS: Basic structure interpretation

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  • nic-zac@libero.it
    I m re-posting my question becouse i ve experienced some problems with my e-mail service. It s a newby question so sorry for bothering. After reading
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
      I'm re-posting my question becouse i've experienced some problems with
      my e-mail service.

      It's a newby question so sorry for bothering.

      After reading Goovaerts' Geostatistics for Natural Resources Evaluation
      and Isaaks and Srivastava's Applied Geostatistics I still haven't found
      a way to corectly choose among variogram models.

      Is a spherical model linked closer to a particular type of spatial
      process? Are continous and smooth processes better described by
      sphercial or and exponential model? Choosing between a sphericl or an
      exponetial model is just a matter of fitting to experimental variogram
      or is there specific reason on how the process under analysis works?

      As an ecologist I have to provide a "meaningful" explanation of why
      using a specific kind of model to describe my experimental variogram of
      an difference image of NDVI values derived from Landsat satellite.

      Any suggestion will be helpful.

      Thanks to all.


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