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AI-GEOSTATS: Re: [Space/time method]

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Hello Angel, you could have a look at GSLIB (see software listed at www.ai-geostats.org) and at the following paper: Computers & Geosciences Volume 28, Issue 2
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2002
      Hello Angel,

      you could have a look at GSLIB (see software listed at www.ai-geostats.org)
      and at the following paper:

      Computers & Geosciences

      Volume 28, Issue 2
      February 2002
      Pages 205-212

      Title: "FORTRAN programs for space-time modeling"

      Authors: L. De Cesare, D. E. Myers, and D. Posa


      "Modified GSLIB FORTRAN 77 routines are given in this paper for estimating and
      modeling space-time variograms. Two general families of models are
      incorporated in the
      programs: these are the product model and the product-sum model, both based on
      the decomposition of the space-time covariance in terms of a space covariance
      and a time
      covariance. The GSLIB kriging program has also been modified to incorporate
      these space-time models. One of the programs detects and removes temporal
      periodicities in the data. The program removes them and generates residuals
      for all monitoring stations, in order to estimate and model the
      spatial-temporal variogram using residuals. The modified kriging program also
      allows the use of cross-validation in conjunction with fitting of space-time
      variogram models. The trend component and the residual variogram model can be
      used for prediction. To illustrate the use of the programs, hourly averages of
      NO2 for the first ten months of 1998 in Lombardy were used. "

      Author Keywords: Geostatistics; Space-time models; Time series; Product
      models; Product-sum models

      Hope this helps.


      PS: could you send next time your question to the ai-geostats mailing list
      instead of me ?

      "Angel Fernandez" <acortes@...> wrote:

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      > Dear Sir:
      > I�m a PhD. Student linked to the �Water Resources and Environmental
      > Geology� investigation group of the Department of Hydrogeology of the
      > University of Almer�a (Spain). My doctoral thesis is about the climatic
      > control of tourist caves for its possible opening to the public. For the
      > realisation of my investigation I have work with space-time data
      > (temperature and CO2), collected by dataloggers that I have installed
      > inside several caves of southern of Spain. I have begun to consult texts
      > on space-time models of time series. It has been consulting bibliography
      > like I founded your web page.
      > I would be very grateful if you could inform me about software for
      > Spatiotemporal Analysis.
      > Cordially,
      > �ngel Fern�ndez Cort�s
      > Dpto de Hidrogeolog�a y Qu�mica Anal�tica
      > Edificio Central. Universidad de Almer�a
      > E-04120 Almer�a
      > <mailto:ppulido@...> acortes@...
      > Tlfno: 950015989
      > Fax: 950015465
      > G.I. "Recursos H�dricos y Geolog�a Ambiental"
      > <http://www.ual.es/GruposInv/RecHid/>
      > http://www.ual.es/GruposInv/RecHid/

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