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AI-GEOSTATS: Call for participation - Workshop on Spatial Data Usability

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  • Wachowicz, M.
    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ********************************************************************* WORKSHOP ON SPATIAL DATA USABILITY November 19-20, 2001 Center for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2001
      November 19-20, 2001

      Center for Geo-Information
      Wageningen UR, The Netherlands

      Organized by:
      Prof. Dr. A.K. Bregt, Dr M. Wachowicz and Dr G.J. Hunter



      Almost 150 years ago a London doctor combined maps of cholera deaths
      and water pumps to discover the source of a deadly epidemic, and the
      case has since become an acclaimed use of spatial analysis taught to
      generations of geography students worldwide. Moving forward to the
      present day, data mining techniques are now radically changing the way
      supermarkets think about product placement within their stores, and
      telephone customers are moving away from their traditional
      "YellowPages" directories and turning instead to enhanced "YellowMap"
      products. While these are all very positive examples, on the other hand
      a recent UK government hearing into the establishment of an underground
      radioactive waste repository determined not to proceed with this major
      project after the results of groundwater hydrology modeling were
      rejected because they could not be validated. While each of these cases
      involves the application of spatial data, more importantly they
      demonstrate either extremely high or low degrees of data "usability",
      which in turn results in very positive or negative economic, social,
      environmental or scientific impacts.

      Our interest here lies in understanding exactly what distinguishes
      these cases from others. Is it the correct choice of data, models and
      algorithms for a given application, is it simply a matter of data
      quality, is it the "interestingness" or "unexpectedness" of the data
      (as knowledge discovers would say), or is it the integration of data
      and adding of value that produces these extreme examples? Clearly,
      with a better understanding of data usability we might be able to
      increase the number of "successes" and reduce the "failures" in the
      application of spatial data. Accordingly, we invite participants to
      attend this workshop on usability and to consider the following core

      1. What do we mean by "usability"?
      2. Why is usability important?
      3. What are the characteristics of spatial data usability?
      4. What are the research problems to be solved in spatial data
      5. What should the research priorities be?


      All interested participants are invited to submit an abstract (1-page
      maximum) by email to the contact address below. Abstracts should
      include a title and the author's name, address and contact details.
      Abstracts will form the basis for a short presentation by each
      participant at the workshop. Presenters are not required to submit a
      full paper. There is no charge for attending the workshop and
      participants are responsible for organizing their own travel and
      accommodation, however the availability of lower-cost university
      accommodation in Wageningen is currently being investigated.

      Deadline for Abstracts: October 15, 2001

      Invited Speaker: Dr Gary Hunter, Associate Professor and Reader
      ` Department of Geomatics, University of
      Melbourne, Australia

      Further Information:

      Monica Wachowicz
      Wageningen UR
      Centre for Geo-Information

      Droevendaalsesteeg 3
      PO BOX 47
      6700 AA Wageningen
      The Netherlands

      Email: M.Wachowicz@...-ur.nl

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