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RE: AI-GEOSTATS: Aditivity SPT data

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  • WARR Benjamin
    Hi Daiane, I bet you get periodic variograms ! I did a similar study with a US army type push penetrometer along transects, and have seen some off shore and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2001
      Hi Daiane,

      I bet you get periodic variograms ! I did a similar study with a US army
      type push penetrometer along transects, and have seen some off shore and
      barrage penetrometer variograms, they are all periodic (even though the
      measurements can hardly be considered to be the same scale).

      Additivity isn't an issue really, as it is difficult really to distinguish
      between one golp + half a golp done sequentially and one large golp
      equivalent to 1.5 normal golps done in one hit. I hope I understand
      correctly your means of measurement ? If I remember rightly though as the
      depth increases the effect friction increases as the length of penetrometer
      touching the soil is greater ? You should perhaps correct for this effect
      prior to analysis, it may present itself as a trend which you could filter
      out, or you could use more physically based methods.

      I shall hunt around for some references and send you a copy of the work I
      did for my degree. I don't think it was published widely but was presented
      at the "Journees de Geostatistique" , Fontainebleau, 1999 and some record
      may exist on their website.


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      > Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 4:29 PM
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      > Subject: AI-GEOSTATS: Aditivity SPT data
      > Hello
      > I have a database which consists in samples of SPT (Standard
      > Penetration Test) surveys. This kind of survey is frequently used in
      > the civil engineering to determine parameters of soil resistance. The
      > samples and consistency values are collected each meter, being just
      > integral values representing the number of golps needed to penetrate
      > downwards 1 m thickness of soil. The residual soil of the area is
      > originated from decomposed basalt.
      > My doubt would be on the aditivity of the data for application in
      > ordinary kriging and simulation geostatistics.
      > I would like to know if is there some impediment for the
      > geostatistical
      > treatment for this type of information; would also appreciate
      > bibliographical recommendations regarding the subject.
      > Greetings
      > Daiane
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