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[ai-geostats] istatis expertise received - more help appreciated

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  • acullma@gwdg.de
    Dear List, Thank you for all your help: It s been duplicates that caused my problems. Now I m running into further difficulties: I m using disjunctive
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2006
      Dear List,
      Thank you for all your help: It's been 'duplicates' that caused my problems.
      Now I'm running into further difficulties: I'm using disjunctive kriging;
      it takes ages with my data. Since it works pretty fast with the Walker
      lake data, it doesn't seem to be a machine or global/study environment
      problem. Do you have any hints about wheter it's more likely to be a
      misspecification in the gaussian anamorphis modelling (I'm a complete
      novice to this)
      or a neighbourhood search problem or whatever else?
      Thanks again and best regards,
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