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RE: [ai-geostats] FK and K of spat. comp.

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  • Pierre Goovaerts
    Hi Simone, Your definition is historically the correct one.. Note that the term kriging analysis , sloppy translation for the term analyse krigeante
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2006
      Hi Simone,

      Your definition is historically the correct one..
      Note that the term "kriging analysis", sloppy translation for
      the term "analyse krigeante" introduced in Matheron's 1992 seminal
      paper, could also be used.

      The use of the term "factorial kriging" for the
      decomposition of a RF into spatial components based on a nested semivariogram
      model can be traced back to Gslib user manual. To be consistent, I used
      the same term in my book and used the expression "multivariate factorial kriging" when dealing with more than one variable (e.g. regionalized PCA).

      I think that both expressions are acceptable, albeit confusing. The
      use of the term "factorial" does not systematically imply a multivariate
      analysis and a factor does not need to be a linear combination of variables.

      Hope it helps,


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      From: Simone Sammartino [mailto:marenostrum@...]
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      Subject: [ai-geostats] FK and K of spat. comp.
      Dear All
      a term specification:
      What is the difference between "Factorial Kriging" and "Kriging of spatial components".
      I've always believed that the first is the kriging of the factors deriving from the regionalized PCA of multivariate datasets, and the second is the discrimination of the different spatial components deriving from the evaluation of nested variograms.
      But I can still read in most of scientific articles, about factorial kriging as the estimation procedure related to nested variograms...and it should be not exactly correct!
      Do I wrong?
      Thank you
      Dr. Simone Sammartino
      PhD student
      - Geostatistical analyst
      - G.I.S. mapping
      I.A.M.C. - C.N.R.
      Geomare-Sud section
      Port of Naples - Naples
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