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Re: [ai-geostats] Geostatistical applications in coal deposits

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  • Oriol Falivene
    Dear Colin, To my knowledge, many work has been done by applying geostatistics to the 2D mapping of coal properties (thickness, sulfur content..). I don t know
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      Dear Colin,

      To my knowledge, many work has been done by applying geostatistics to the 2D mapping of coal properties (thickness, sulfur content..). I don't know about many publications implementing 3D modelling. Does anyone know about publications dealing with this topic?

      Following is a list of papers dealing with 2D mapping of coal properties (most have been published in Mathematical Geology or the International Journal of coal Geology):

      Starks, T. H., N. A. Behrens, and J. H. Fang, 1982, The combination of sampling and kriging in the regional estimation of coal resources: Mathematical Geology, v. 14, p. 87-106.

      Davis, B. M., and K. A. Greenes, 1983, Estimation using spatially distributed multivariate data: An example with coal quality: Mathematical Geology, v. 15, p. 287-300.

      Bancroft, B. A., and G. R. Hobbs, 1986, Distribution of kriging error and stationarity of the variogram in a coal property: Mathematical Geology, v. 18, p. 635-652.

      Journel, A. G., and M. Rossi, 1989, When do we need a trend in kriging?: Mathematical Geology, v. 21, p. 715-739.

      Schuenemeyer, J. H., and H. Power, 2000, Uncertainty estimation for resource assessment - an application to coal: Mathematical Geology, v. 32, p. 521-541.

      Watson, W. D., L. F. Ruppert, L. J. Bragg, and S. J. Tewalt, 2001, A geostatistical approach to predicting sulfur content in the Pittsburgh coal bed: International Journal of Coal Geology, v. 48, p. 1-22.

      Hohn, M. E., and R. R. McDowell, 2001, Uncertainty in Coal Property Valuation in Wes Virginia: a case study: Mathematical Geology, v. 33, p. 191-217.

      Tercan, A. E., and A. I. Karayigit, 2001, Estimation of lignite reserve in the Kalburcayiri field, Kangal basin, Sivas, Turkey: International Journal of Coal Geology, v. 47, p. 91-100.

      Turner, B. R., and D. Richardson, 2004, Geological controls on the sulphur content of coal seams in the Northumberland Coalfield, Northeast England: International Journal of Coal Geology, v. 60, p. 169-196.

      Best regards

      Oriol Falivene

      "Collier, Perry (TS)" wrote:

       Hi allI have a minerals background and as such I'm unfamiliar with geostatistical applications to the coal mining industry.  I would appreciate any feedback on applications of geostats (modelling, simulation etc) to coal - from basic to advanced/cutting edge.  Personal experiences and/or papers would be great.  I need help to move to the "dark side"!Cheers 
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