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[ai-geostats] AI-GEOSTATS, SIC2004 and new year...

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Dear list, We are already slowly approaching the end of 2005. 2005 was another interesting year with many good discussions and another important achievement.
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      AI-GEOSTATS, SIC2004 and new year...

      Dear list,

      We are already slowly approaching the end of 2005.

      2005 was another interesting year with many good discussions and another important achievement. Those who recently visited the web site of ai-geostats have probably noticed that the European report on SIC2004 (Spatial Interpolation Comparison exercise 2004) has been released and that it can be downloaded (9.52 MB) from the Events section.

      While SIC97 was a nice first attempt to organise a Spatial Interpolation Comparison exercise online and had seen many interesting contributions, SIC2004 was clearly much more ambitious in that it was about real-time (or automatic) mapping. Edzer Pebesma and I have further organised a small session at EGU2006 (see http://www.cosis.net/members/meetings/sessions/information.php?p_id=189&s_id=3382 ) on this topic and we hope to meet there all those who may be interested in this aspect of spatial statistics. Abstract submission deadline is 13 of January.

      I hope to have a new web site for AI-GEOSTATS running by mid 2006 as I need to facilitate its use and maintenance. The technology currently used is based on MS FrontPage97.... it is thus time to evolve again..

      I will use more and more .pdf formats for storing information to facilitate the circulation of documents. I hope Syed Abdul R. Shibli and Tom Mueller will have some time to update their FAQ and release these in .pdf.

      The mailing list itself & archives will not be affected.

      I am also already thinking about the next SIC... which will be launched early 2007. While a number of those who participated to the editorial board of SIC2204 came already along with a number of proposals, I am still open to other suggestions and ideas. Here again, I intend to publish the contributions to these exercises in a journal, possibly online, as well as in an European Report (which are usually free and have a proper ISBN number) with a number of contributions written by invited authors.

      In all cases, regarding the design of SIC exercises, the ai-geostats web site, the information distributed on the list, etc., your feedback is always welcome.

      Please, remember always that ai-geostats is what you make out of it.

      Thank you all again very much for your kind support and I wish you all, your families and friends, a very happy new year 2006!

      Best regards,

      (Moderator of ai-geostats)

      PS: Should you have problems accessing SIC2004, please use http://skm.jrc.it/documents/UserDocuments\UPL_4908.pdf
      Gregoire Dubois (Ph.D.)
      Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (EC JRC)
      Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES)
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      Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (REM) group
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      21020 Ispra (VA)
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      "The views expressed are purely those of the writer and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European Commission."

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