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RE: [ai-geostats] 3-D kriging with 'walls'

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  • daniel guibal
    Xiong, I don t know of any public domain software. The commercial package ISATIS,from Geovariances, dedicated to all things geostatistical, handles 2d (lines)
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      I don't know of any public domain software. The commercial package ISATIS,from Geovariances, dedicated to all things geostatistical, handles 2d (lines) and 3d (defined by triangles) at both variography and interpolation stage.






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      From: Li, Xiong [mailto:XLi@...]
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      Subject: [ai-geostats] 3-D kriging with 'walls'


      Dear Listers,


      Two months ago, Kathryn Smith posted a question about 2-D kriging with "walls". I am wondering if there is a program (either in the public domain or in a commercial software) that does 3-D kriging with "walls". In this case, the fault or shoreline or water bottom is a surface, not a line. I know the principle of doing it, e.g., explained in William Harper's reply to Kathryn, but want a program to do it.


      Thank you for your help.


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      From: Harper, William V [mailto:WHarper@...]
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      Subject: RE: [ai-geostats] kriging with 'walls'



      We (Isobel Clark and moi) have been dealing with such for some time - especially faults.  You specify the location of the fault or shoreline and the software will not consider pairs of points in the development of the semi-variogram that are located on opposing sides of this boundary.  Likewise it is properly handled in the subsequent kriging.  But 1st it is important to model the spatial variability structure properly prior to the subsequent estimation (kriging).  See http://geoecosse.bizland.com/softwares/ for demos to examine.  I hope this helps.







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      From: Kathryn E.L. Smith [mailto:kelsmith@...]
      Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 9:31 AM
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      Subject: [ai-geostats] kriging with 'walls'


      Does anyone know of a program that does kriging, but allows for 'walls' such as a shoreline or faults? ie. data points on one side of the 'wall' will not influence what is interpolated from data on the other side. I've checked into ESRI and Surfer, neither will allow you to have 'faults' or 'walls' with their kriging program. Thanks for your input!


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