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AI-GEOSTATS: Analysis of Spatial Biological Data

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Dear all, since the online forms of the AI-GEOSTATS web pages are not working anymore following the last disk crash, I will forward directly to the list job
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      Dear all,

      since the online forms of the AI-GEOSTATS web pages are not working anymore
      following the last disk crash, I will forward directly to the list job
      postings, conferences and courses announcements. This should last until the
      end of this month.

      Thank you for you comprehension.

      Best regards




      Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, is soliciting sealed
      Submittals from qualified Proposer(s) for supplying consulting services in the
      area of:

      TITLE: Analysis of Spatial Biological Data

      Date of Issuance: April 9, 2001
      Submittal Due Date: May 10, 2001


      Palm Beach County's Department of Environmental Resources Management is
      soliciting proposals from qualified providers having experience in analysis of
      spatial biological data.


      The County requires the services of a statistical consultant for the
      analysis of spatial biological data and report preparation. The goal of this
      work is to gain a better understanding of the influence of a newly constructed
      fishing pier on spatial crawl patterns of threatened and endangered sea
      turtles on one of the highest nesting density beaches in the United States.

      If you would like to receive this RFS, please send your name, address, phone
      number and the RFS number as stated above to the address listed below:

      Palm Beach County Purchasing Department
      50 South Military Trail, Suite 110
      West Palm Beach, Florida 33415

      OR download the information from: http://www.co.palm-beach.fl.us/pur/
      Click on: Requests for Quotation

      All submittals must be submitted in accordance with the instructions
      contained in the RFS document and must be received in the offices of the
      Purchasing Department no later than May 10, 2001, by 4:00 p.m., local time. A
      list of Respondents will be recorded and posted no later than ten (10)
      calendar days after receipt of Submittals.

      Envelopes must be identified by the closing date and the Submittal number.

      Gregoire Dubois
      Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography
      Dept. of Earth Sciences
      University of Lausanne


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