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AI-GEOSTATS: Small data set

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  • José Quintín Cuador Gil
    Dear list, We have a small data set (n
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      Dear list,

      We have a small data set (n<30), irregularly spaced, so, it is impossible to
      obtain good results with the variograms analysis. We need to determine the
      distance beyond which there is no spatial correlation (the zone of
      influence of each hole). Which method we can use in this case?
      The data were taken in a very regular and continuous sedimentary layers
      (strata). How can we incorporate this geological information in the
      assessment of the zone of influence?. Is there any methods for doing
      Any suggestion will be highly appreciate.


      Dr. José Quintín CUADOR GIL
      Departamento de Informática
      Universidad de Pinar del Río

      III Simposio Internacional sobre Manejo Sostenible de Recursos Forestales,
      Universidad de Pinar del Rio, Cuba 21-23 Abril del 2004.
      Telef:(53)(82)779363, Fax:(53)(82)779353 email:fhernandez@...

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