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AI-GEOSTATS: Re: average semi-variogram

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  • Isobel Clark
    Koen ... It is called the within block variance . Block to block variance is the variance between block averages - i.e. from block to block. ... If you have a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004

      > I think it's called a "block to block" variogram
      > average, not sure.
      It is called the "within block variance". Block to
      block variance is the variance between block averages
      - i.e. from block to block.

      > As I explained, I'm looking for an easy way to
      > estimate the gamma(V,V) value.
      If you have a standard semi-variogram model such as
      the spherical or exponential, the mathematical
      formulae for two dimensional blocks are published in
      various issues of Computers and Geosciences. Point
      approximations are only necessary if you have a
      non-readitional model or rotational geometric

      > I used matlab to code for the distances between
      > pairs but, it takes so much time compared to .....
      Most software packages use the symmetry of the block
      so that only about one-quarter of the calculation need
      to be carried out.

      You can get the within block variance from our kriging
      game for all the models we cover. It is written onto
      the screen and the ghost file as you work. Just select
      the option to estimate a rectangular block.



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