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Re: AI-GEOSTATS: Information about Kriging 3D and semivariogram in 3D

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  • Pierre Goovaerts
    Hi Lisa, I would recommend that you look at Chapter 16 of Isaaks and Srivastava s book An introduction to Applied Geostatistics which offers a very nice
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 8, 2003
      Hi Lisa,

      I would recommend that you look at Chapter 16 of Isaaks and Srivastava's
      book "An introduction to Applied Geostatistics" which offers a very nice
      description of how to model semivariograms in different directions and
      up to 3 dimensions. You can also refer to the following paper:
      Barabas, N., Goovaerts, P. and P. Adriaens. 2001. Geostatistical
      assessment and validation of uncertainty for three-dimensional dioxin data
      from sediments in an estuarine river. Environmental Science & Technology,
      35(16): 3294-3301.

      Best regards,

      Pierre Goovaerts


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      On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, [iso-8859-1] lisa pizzol wrote:

      > Hello to everybody,
      > I have to build a semivariogram in 3D and I need to know if I can use the same concepts used for the 2D semivariogram or if the theory is different. For example how can I consider the distance? In one article they said that I can first build the semivariogram in the horizontal direction in order to find the values of sill, range, nugget and the equation of the semivariogram. After this I can use these information to find the range in the vertical direction. Do you know any references that explain exactly how to do it?
      > Thank you very much.
      > Lisa
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