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AI-GEOSTATS: Press Release: PG2000 Answers

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  • Isobel Clark
    Those of you interested might like to know that the textbook Practical Geostatistics 2000 (by Isobel Clark and Bill Harper) is being adopted for teaching
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      Those of you interested might like to know that the
      textbook Practical Geostatistics 2000 (by Isobel Clark
      and Bill Harper) is being adopted for teaching
      purposes in many Universities and Colleges.

      The "book" itself is available as traditional hardcopy
      and as CD (hypertext). The CD also includes a demo
      copy of the software used for geostatistical analysis
      which operates with files for 15 data sets discussed
      in the main text. The data sets and software can also
      be downloaded free of charge from

      PG2000 is aimed at people who want/need to learn
      geostatistics to practice it -- not necessarily to be
      specialists. 12 Chapters cover everything from basic
      statistics through to Ordinary, Simple, Lognormal,
      Universal, Indicator and Rank Transform Kriging. 442
      pages in US letter (10x8.5) coil bound format make an
      easy to read text. Each of the first 10 Chapters
      include several fully worked case studies, which are
      followed by exercises for the student/reader. Examples
      vary from geological problems (too many) to
      agricultural and environmental problems (too few)

      PG2000 was launched on 25th August 2000 and has
      already outsold its first printing. A new print goes
      to the presses as you read this. New copies will be
      available by the turn of the New Year.

      We would now like to announce the issue of a separate
      volume "Practical Geostatistics 2000: Answers to the
      Exercises". This volume is almost 400 pages in its own
      right and contains full worked answers for every
      exercise (and more) in PG2000. This will only be
      available in hardcopy format and is complimentary to
      teachers who use PG2000 as a recommended text for a
      class (minimum 6 copies!).

      Volume 2 is planned for the middle of 2001 and will
      include discussion of simulation techniques,
      co-kriging (including non-co-located) and case
      studies. We are looking for interesting data sets to
      include in Volume 2 as most of ours are univariate. If
      you have a data set you are willing to release we
      would be very grateful (and will send you a free

      More information can be obtained from
      http://geoecosse.hypermart.net (Web purchasing and US
      dollar orders) or from http://geoecosse.bizland.com
      (for Sterling and Euro orders).

      Any technical questions, comments and criticisms to me
      or Bill (WHarper@...) please.
      Dr Isobel Clark

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