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998Re: AI-GEOSTATS: kriging estimates in S+

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  • Isobel Clark
    May 8, 2003
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      I have no experience with S+ but I would guess it is
      because the semi-variogram (or covariance) is using
      the value of the nugget effect at zero distance.

      This will tell the kriging system not to honour the
      data values.

      You can test this by adding a short range spherical
      component in instead of the nugget effect. If the
      results change, this is the reason.


      --- vanessa stelzenmüller <vstelzenmueller@...>
      wrote: > Dear list members,
      > I have a question concerning the kriging results
      > derived from "kige" of the spatial modul for S+.
      > The values for the variable of interest estimated
      > with
      > Ordinary Kriging and Universal Kriging at the
      > sampled
      > locations differ from the one observed!
      > Does anyone has a suggestion why?
      > Best wishes
      > Vanessa
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