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  • Beatrice Mare-Jones
    May 6, 2003
      Dear AI-Geostas people

      I am a newly signed up member and thought it worthwhile to introduce
      I am also very new to the AI- geostats world and the emails I have
      received so far are way beyond my understanding of AI and geostats,
      however I am a keen learner and with all these happy 8th birthday
      greetings being sent out I am reminded that this very intelligent bunch of
      people are also very human.

      Five weeks ago I commenced my PhD. I am based in Wellington, New Zealand,
      in a part of the world where the use of AI and geostats for petroleum
      geology data is in its infancy.

      My research topic will look at developing a new methodology/model to
      determine undiscovered volumes of oil and gas using an AI Expert System
      (maybe neural network algorithms) and other geostatistical approaches. I
      plan to use geological data at a play level to develop this methodology.
      The methodology will also quantify the uncertainty involved.

      If anyone on the AI-Geostats list is familiar with the use of AI and
      geostats for this type of research I would love to here from you.

      Kindest regards and happy birthday AI-Geostats list,

      Beatrice Mar'e-Jones
      PhD student
      Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited

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