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968Re: AI-GEOSTATS: factorial cokriging in 2 steps??

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  • Pierre Goovaerts
    Mar 31, 2003
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      Dear Jean-Philippe,

      Your question is somewhat puzzling. In fact, in all rigor
      factorial kriging is already a kind of cokriging since
      you are estimating a variable (i.e. spatial component)
      from another variable (raw measurements).
      Are you trying to estimate regionalized factors, that
      is perform multivariate factorial kriging, or do you
      want to filter your seimic data and use it as secondary
      information to estimate another variable?
      I used a similar approach in:

      Goovaerts, P. 1999.
      Accounting for scale-dependent correlation in the spatial prediction
      of soil properties. In A. Soares, J. Gomez-Hernandez, and R. Froidevaux,
      editors, geoENV II - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications.
      Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pages 405-416.



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      On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, [iso-8859-1] Jean-Philippe Goyen wrote:

      > hello ai-geostatisticians,
      > I am trying to program factorial co-kriging for filtering of seismic amplitudes. But I didn't find anywhere the algorithm or even matrix formulation of the system to solve. As I am more a computer-scientist than a geostatistician, I am not sure of setting the rigth system to solve.
      > So I was just wondering if it would be correct to perform factorial kriging of my two sets of data (as I could obtain decomposed variograms), and then cokrige the results ? (hope my question has a sense).
      > Thank you very much for any advice or reference.
      > Jean-Philippe Goyen
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