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933AI-GEOSTATS: Variowin

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  • Valquiria Ferraz Quirino
    Mar 5 10:35 AM
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      Dear list,

      I know this is a specific question but maybe someone can help me. I have
      Variowin version 2.2 that our institute bought with the first edition
      of the book. However after calculating the pcf file, the program can get to
      open it in the Vario2D with PCF. I receive the following message: "PCF does not
      have the right format; you should rebuild it with the latest version of
      Prevar2d". Does anyone have some idea for what reason the program read the file
      normally to produce the pcf file and than afterwards says that
      it can't read the same file that it produced? What can I do to solve this?
      OBS: The program is installed in a machine that has Windows NT.
      Another question. Where can I download Variowin from the web? I am asking
      because I tried from the following page,
      http://www-sst.unil.ch/research/variowin/index.html, and the server is always
      down. Is there any other option?

      Forst-Ing. Valquiria Ferraz Quirino

      Kappler Straße 57, Zi. 2121, 79117 Freiburg i. Br. Deutschland
      Tel.: +49 761 6806-6204

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