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9AI-GEOSTATS: Free Geostatistical Seminar

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  • jeff.myers@wgint.com
    Dec 1, 2000
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      For those of you who happen to live in the Denver, Colorado area, I will be
      giving a half-day seminar on geostatistical applications at the former Rocky
      Flats nuclear weapons plant in Golden, Colorado. It will be conducted at
      the Visitor's Center starting at 8:00AM MST and is sponsored by the U.S.
      Department of Energy (USDOE) and Kaiser Hill.

      The seminar will cover Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) for the Industrial
      Area, as well as Geostatistical Error Management (GEM) techniques (GEM and
      USDOE's Smart Sampling) which focus on kriging and simulation.

      In addition, a number of "hands-on" sampling exercises using physical models
      of contaminant distributions will be performed by attendees to demonstrate
      how sample support influences DQOs, geostatistics, and error management
      rates for decision making.

      Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Hope to see you
      there. Apologies to those outside the Denver area.

      Jeff Myers
      Washington Group International
      10822 W. Toller Drive
      Littleton, CO 80127
      FON 303.948.4678
      FAX 303.948.4779
      email: jeff.myers@...

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