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837AI-GEOSTATS: Indicato Kriging

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  • Elmidio Estévez Cruz
    Jan 12, 2003
      Dear All:

      I´m working with a Au gossan deposit. The data come from grade control of 8 benches in the mine. All the histograms show evidences of bimodality .The presence of a complex population is geologically explained by the fact that gold is hosted by different lithological units (limonite, sandstone, clay etc.), which are mixed and it is not possible to separate at present mining scale (5m benches). The variograms of Au show a clear spatial structure with a range of around 30m in all benches. Based on this spatial correlation some people have proposed to used OK to estimate the Au grade in 5x5m block on the other hand the mixture of population indicates the violation of stationarity (homogeneity) indispensable for the application of OK. According to literature the only method that mitigate this problems is IK. I have interpolated the grade using IK but I found a high correlation between OK and IK estimates. I also crossvalidated the methods and found similar errors. What could be the reason for that? Is there any method to demonstrate which interpolation techniques works better in this situation?

      Best regards,

      MSc. Emidio Estévez Cruz

      Dpto de Geología

      Universidad de Pinar del Río

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