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775AI-GEOSTATS: hole effect modeling in 3D

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  • Noemi Barabas
    Dec 1, 2002
      Dear list members,

      I hope to get some insight into modeling and kriging with 3-D variograms
      where all 3 directions display a pronounced hole-effect/oscillations.
      (I am using GSLIB)

      First of all, are there any permissibility issues regarding a hole effect
      model? I am thinking in particular of the dampening factor, which is an
      additional parameter that is not accounted for in the kriging parameter
      files. I know that kt3d has a built-in relationship of d to the range,
      and I wonder if that is just for simplification or because of
      permissibility contraints.

      Second, what does the range mean for a hole effect model in terms of the
      maximum distance between the estimation location and a contributing data
      location. Does the dampening affect this distance in kt3d and would there
      be permissibility issues if I were to modify the program?

      Third, what if the dampening parameter is different in all 3 directins?

      And finally, my grid will be discretized such that in one direction I
      will only estimate at three different distances, and I assume that the
      semivariogram model needs a good fit only at those lags. Is this a
      workable assumption?

      I much appreciate any insights into these questions!!


      Noemi Barabas

      PhD Candidate
      The University of Michigan
      Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering
      1351 Beal Avenue (13 EWRE)
      Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125
      Phone: (734) 615-5905

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