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691Re: AI-GEOSTATS: measurement error variance

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  • Adrian Martínez Vargas
    Aug 14, 2002
      The nugget effect can be related with:

      a) Short range variability.
      b) Measurement error.

      Some times when your data is spaced appear a nugget effect, it can be solved
      by including more closed samples in variograms or analysing the behaviour in
      les spaced data in separated variograms.

      Then having the short variability you or measurement error you can separate
      both components of the nugget (variance at ~0 distance).

      Note: I have never see these in any paper, it is based in logic, the I
      suggest to you base your analysis in quality more than in quantity.

      King Regards,

      Adrian Mart�nez Vargas
      ISMM, Las coloradas s/n
      Moa Holgu�n Cuba
      CP 83329

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      From: Celia Bulit
      To: lista Geostats
      Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 11:24 AM
      Subject: AI-GEOSTATS: measurement error variance

      Dear all:

      has anyone some suggestions for estimating the measurement error variance as
      a component of the nugget, based on replicates data ?

      Thank you for your attention
      Celia Bulit
      Depto. El Hombre y su Ambiente
      Calzada del Hueso 1100
      04960 M�xico D.F.

      tel.: (5255)-5483-7360
      (home) (5255)-5606-5568

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