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659AI-GEOSTATS: responses to "user-defined distance matrix"

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  • Olaf Jensen
    Jun 27 12:18 PM
      I just wanted to share some of the responses to my question about
      substituting a user-defined distance matrix into a program for variogram
      calculation and kriging:

      Original question:
      I'm looking for software or a script(Mathcad, Splus, SAS, etc.) for
      variogram estimation and kriging that can be easily altered to accept a
      user-defined distance matrix. I would like to substitute a distance matrix
      into the program rather than having it automatically calculate the Euclidean
      distance. I'm flexible about the language/platform but I'd like to find
      something that can handle a large (2000x2000) distance matrix with relative
      speed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      1) Modify a function in the Geostokos (commercial) software package.
      2) Modify the BMELIB toolbox (freeware) for Matlab
      3) Search the contributed packages page on the R website (www.r-project.org)
      4) Modify gstat (freeware) written in C

      I haven't found any software that allows you to easily plug in a
      distance matrix. Most programs calculate distances internally. I've taken
      some existing routines in Matlab for variogram calculation and altered them
      to accept a distance matrix. This was fairly easy. The harder part is
      altering the kriging routines. I chose Matlab for Unix because it seems to
      handle these large matrices and long loops pretty efficiently. Thanks to
      everyone who wrote in with suggestions.


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