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  • Maurizio Trevisani
    Jan 29, 2001
      It looks that Vesper finds by itself c0 and b.
      Have you ever verified if the values proposed by Vesper are good enough to
      use to interpolate the data (in my case IAP from lichenes to monitor air

      Gregoire said about Arcinfo : "Since you can't properly make a decent
      semivariogram analysis and since the fitting of the semivariogram is
      automatic (almost any geostatistician will tell you to fit your model
      manually or at least to have a full control on the parameters you select) in
      Arc/Info 7, you can almost forget it ! "

      But I found very little documentation in Vesper to understand the way it
      calculates the values it proposes.

      Any suggestion about courses on geostatistical methods here in Italy?

      Thanks a lot,


      Maurizio Trevisani - ARPAT - Settore Tecnico SIRA
      via Niccola Porpora 22 - 50144 Firenze
      tel. +39(0)553206484 - fax.+39(0)553206410
      e-mail M.Trevisani@...
      web www.arpat.toscana.it

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