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556Re: AI-GEOSTATS: Ore Reserves Classification

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  • Turkan Kaynak
    Mar 23, 2002
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      Dear Jose,
      I'm a mining engineer and I think I can answer your question. We use kriging variance for reserve classification. I think you know, the reserves are classified depend on their error quantity and this quantity can be represented using variance. If we use kriging for reserve estimation you can use kriging variance and classified reserves as possible, probable or proved reserves.
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      From: José Quintín Cuador Gil
      To: ai-geostats@...
      Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 8:27 PM
      Subject: AI-GEOSTATS: Ore Reserves Classification

      Dear list members

      The Kriging variance has some uses. In mining, it can be used in the Ore Reserves Classification.
      What is the opinion about this in the Geostatistical community?
      It is possible to use the Kriging variance for ores reserves classification?, (Yes or No).
      Thanks in advances for any opinion.

      José Quintín Cuador Gil
      Department of Informática
      University of Pinar del Río

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