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511AI-GEOSTATS: hole effect

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  • FT.Maestre@ua.es
    Jan 25, 2002
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      Dear list,

      I am working with vegetation data, and I have got some variograms
      that are characterized by the presence of a “hole effect” that I
      would like to model. I have found in the manual of GSLIB (2nd
      edition) a model with a periodical component that can be fitted to
      such data, but the authors remark that this model valid only in one
      direction. Since I am working with omnidirectional variograms in a
      two-dimensional grid, I would be very grateful if somebody could give
      me any indication about where I can find conditional negative semi-
      definite (CNSD) models that incorporate a periodic component and that
      are valid for two-dimensional data.

      Many thanks in advance for your attention.

      Best Regards,

      Fernando T. Maestre
      Departamento de Ecología
      Universidad de Alicante
      Apdo correos 99
      03080 Alicante

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