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486RE: AI-GEOSTATS: Summary: Extreme Values?

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  • Myers, Jeff
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Permission granted. And a Happy New Year to all!


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      On 29-Dec-01 Myers, Jeff wrote:
      > Ted's comments on the regulatory perspective bring up some
      > interesting issues, assuming this were an hazardous waste site.

      Jeff, Thanks for your comments which are very much to the point.

      > It's hard to contour yourself out of a situation you sampled
      > yourself into.

      With your permission (which I assume will not be unreasonably
      withheld) I propose to trot out this delightful maxim on
      suitable occasions!

      Thanks for this too -- just in time to set me smiling for
      the New Year.

      Best wishes to all,

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