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481AI-GEOSTATS: Best wishes for 2002

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Dec 21, 2001
      Dear all,

      2001 was another good year for AI-GEOSTATS and the mails that have been
      exchanged still underline the strong interest of the researchers in the field.

      We are currently 824 subscribers coming from almost 100 countries and I
      believe the mailing list is the most important one on the internet for what
      concerns the analysis of spatial data. The fact that a very large variety of
      people and cultures are represented here, helping and supporting each other,
      exchanging their experience and knowledge freely every day, is also something
      we can all be very proud of in these difficult times.

      AI-GEOSTATS will be in April 7 years old, almost a record of longevity on the
      Internet, and I hope it will last for many years. For what concerns the web
      site, I have unfortunately lots of difficulties to maintain it. The web server
      supporting AI-GEOSTATS is at the University of Lausanne, in Switzerland
      (thanks a lot to Nicolas Gilardi for keeping the computer alive !), and I
      moved this year to The Netherlands. Since I started a new job, I didn't have
      much time to improve/update the web pages. If most of the announcements can be
      directly stored online (courses, new books, online papers, conferences, jobs,
      people) with the help of the online forms, information on new software has
      still to be sent to me first before they can appear on the web. Because of the
      old fashioned design of the web pages, I still need to have a direct access to
      the web server to make certain changes. I hope to go back to Switzerland by
      the end of January to update the information and improve the design of the web
      pages. As usual, your suggestions will be more than welcome.

      I wish you all a happy christmas, a happy and peaceful new year and many
      brilliant ideas for 2002.


      (moderator of ai-geostats)

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