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476Re: AI-GEOSTATS: Searching for sample data

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  • Eric.LEWIN@uJF-Grenoble.fr
    Dec 18, 2001
      A 0:46 +0100 19/12/01, Marcus Schneider a écrit:
      >[...] help me to find appropriate data or point me to something helpful...

      I always consider as very useful, if not a necessary step, to built a fully
      hand-made (or brain-made :-)) set of "data", with all the characteristics
      well known, because you monitor them, except maybe some part of random
      noise or probability driven parameters (e.g. it could be the locations of
      sampling). So, your statistical treatment(s) should be able to find what
      you know being there !

      Moreover, a priori sensitivity analysis is, from that point, and specially
      if your test set of data is somehow "not too far" from the real sets of
      data, just the next step, with systematics or Monte Carlo repeated
      variations of the same procedure.

      >Last I have to apologize fo my bad english.

      So do I !


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