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446AI-GEOSTATS: Proceedings of IAMG2001 are online

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Nov 30, 2001
      Hello world,

      I'm maybe the last one aware of it but, apparently, the proceedings of the
      IAMG2001 conference (Cancun, Mexico) are online:


      This is really a nice move from IAMG (www.iamg.org) to publish the papers

      There is really plenty of interesting material there. The abstracts are online
      in html and the full papers can be downloaded (pdf format).

      For those interested mainly in bridging GIS & Geostatistics as I am, I noticed
      the following papers in particular:

      (Session D)

      GsTL: The Geostatistical Template Library in C++. By Nicolas H. Remy, Arben
      Shtuka, Bruno Levy, Jef Caers


      Geostatistics without Stationary Assumptions within GIS.

      By Alexander Brenning, K. Gerald van den Boogaart

      The last is a very promising work but you really need a tough background in
      statistics to understand it.

      Enjoy the browsing.


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