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426Re: AI-GEOSTATS: geology + geoestatistic

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  • Marcel Vallée
    Nov 1, 2001
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      It is very difficult to respond to your querry as it provides no physical information whatever, except type of deposit, regarding the characteristics of the information grid available (type of sampling, sample
      distribution-grid dimensions, etc.).

      The value of geostatistics and how far you can push its use, depend on the adequacy of the sampling network for the purpose you have in mind, ranging from initial resource estimation to feasibility level
      resource/reserve estimation or to mining quality control.


      Marcel Vallée Geo. Ing.

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      Adrián Martínez Vargas a écrit :

      > Hi everybody
      > I'm geology engineering and I work in the research related with Lateritic
      > Ores Bodies of Nickel, and I have some doubts in the applications of
      > geoestatistical techniques, relate with the geological conditions of those
      > ores bodies:
      > The ask is:
      > Ho has information about this.
      > Adrian Martínez Vargas
      > ISMM, Dpto. de Geología.
      > Rpto. Las Coloradas, s/n,
      > Moa, Holguín, Cuba.
      > CP 83329.
      > E Mail amvargas@...

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