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392AI-GEOSTATS: cross-semivariograms

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  • Poos, J.J.
    Oct 3, 2001
      Dear all,

      In relation to my research on behaviour within fishing fleets I would like
      to ask a question. I am looking for the spatio-temporal correlation of
      fishermen's catch rates. As I understand it now, the predictive power of a
      spatial pattern in catch rates in one week on the pattern in the next week
      estimated using cross-semivariograms (GSLIBS gamv), with head in timestep t
      and tail in timestep t-1. Unfortunately the data I have comes from a fleet,
      not a survey design, and the position of the catch rates estimates is not
      fixed. Therefor I am left with very few actual positions where I have a
      catch rate for both weeks, and a lot where either is missing.

      Is there a way to calculate the predictive power of a spatial pattern in one
      timestep on the spatial pattern in another? Is trying to calculate the
      cross-semivariogram the right way? Am I doing something wrong or overlooking
      something? I am very new to geostatistics, so any help is welcome.

      With kind regards,

      Jan Jaap Poos
      University of Groningen, department of animal ecology
      Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research
      email: janjaap@...

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